United States Jeepney

The Plan

The plan is evolving all the time, and I am open to suggestions!

Original willys:

original left

Current plan:

current plan

    Work planned:
  • Strip down all current fixtures/accessories
  • Remove rust and prime
  • Cut off roof and back windows and raise roof by 6"
  • Extend roof by 24" or so
  • Install new sliding windows
  • Replace cracked front windshield with flat glass
  • Install rear double doors
  • .
  • Build facing bench seats for back
  • Cut off back end and extend 18" or so
  • Create massive bumpers front and rear
  • Decorate like crazy
  • Drivetrain check and work to follow when body is done. Vehicle runs well now, but steering is a bit wild, brakes are not disk, etc.

While the contours of the Willys are not all that different from a jeepney, Americans tend to be quite a bit taller than the typical Filipino, which is why I need to raise the roof. I'll also square off the back end and add a little bit. I'm not sure if I'll square the front window area or not...

spokane jeepney original on spokane

Most jeepneys are open, but jeepneys in Baguio where the weather is cooler have windows and doors. Mine will need to have these, I live in cool, wet Western Washington.

Vehicle will be used for parades, intercultural events, Filipino-American festivals etc

The Build Progress