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      • The garage

        Would be great if I had a garage, but this is the workshop for now.

      • Back end cut off
        It will be extended to allow a 6' bench seat

        The drivers side floor pan was all rusted out, so that has been cut out as well.

      • Always assume the best
        The welder I got off Craigslist wasn't working right. Ordered a new one on the 13th. I was thinking ill of the company that it hadn't arrived yet but when I checked the tracking at UPS, it showed train derailment on the 17th!

      • Sponsorship Available
        Sponsor the jeepney, and get a great marketing boost!

        The jeepney will be making appearances around the United States at Filipino cultural events, car shows, parades, grand openings and festivals. If you are marketing to Filipino-Americans or car enthusiasts, you can have your logo in fro

      • Scalped Willys
        Went to George The Jeep and bought a roof from a 50's Willys Wagon from him, since my roof will need to be extended. Added bonus is about an inch and a half extra headroom in the old rounded roof compared to current. Cut it off and hauled it back home yesterday.

      • Stripping the rear
        Rear doors, bumper, exhaust system and gas tank removed.

        What else can I whack?

        I don't have a workshop really, so it is tarp it up each night when done for the Washington State rain.

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